What is Snowskate?(How to play, where to play, how to buy?)


What’s SnowSkate?

How to play?

I will answer such questions.


I have just bought snow skates.

However, it was very fun, so I will introduce about snow skating.


Table of contents

  • What’s a Snowskate?
  • Types of Snowskate
  • Where do you Snowskate?
  • How to buy it?


What’s a Snowskate?

Snowskate is the winter version of Skateboard.

Unlike Snowboard,There is no binding. Therefore,You can ollie and kickflip etc…

There are two types of Snowskate.

Single deck

The single deck is like to Skateboard. But There isn’t tire.

There is a vertical groove on the back so that you can slide straight on the snow.

The warp is stronger than skateboard, so you can ollie and kickflip etc…!

Because there is no edge, it can not slide well in places where the snow has been pressed.

Also, because it is the same size as a skateboard, it is easy to carry and it is recommended.

I have a single deck.


Double deck

double deck is like a skateboard on a ski.

There is an edge, so you can enjoy the gliding at the ski resort.

More people have double decks than single decks Because it can play at the ski resort.


Where do you Snowskate?

Single deck:Slope in the park, Practice kick flips on flat ground.

Double deck:ski resort

If you want to play in various places, single deck is recommended.

If you want to play at the ski resort, I recommend the double deck.

There are rules at ski resort and parks, so follow them.


How to buy it?

It is the cheapest to buy online.

Single deck

Double deck

I couldn’t find the double deck on Amazon.



My recommendation is a single deck.

Follow the rules and have fun playing!